How it works

Any purge customers will receive an order acknowledgement either by post or via email to confirm the time and date of visit. When we arrive at your location our uniformed staff will report to your reception and present our security badges. Your material is then loaded into one of our secure wheelie bins and taken to our secure shredding lorry where it is automatically loaded into the shredding hopper and shredded before passing into the secure chamber and stored in tiny unrecognisable fragments.

During this process we weigh and record the weights of the documents to be destroyed to enable us to issue a certificate of destruction / controlled waste transfer note which is then signed by the customer and The Mobile Shredding Company.

For Contract customers with a regular service, The Mobile Shredding Company issue a document of planned visit dates for the whole year. At our visits we visit each of the secure lockable cabinets in your offices and empty the contents of the inner sacks into our secure wheelie bins to take your confidential documents to our lorry for shredding. We will again provide a certificate of destruction / controlled waste transfer note. This service also enables us to advise you on volume / usage in particular areas to ensure cabinet location is correct.

This whole process means you and your company have contributed to a cleaner environment.