What we shred

  • Invoices, Delivery Notes, Orders, Order acknowledgements,
    Packing lists
  • Personnel records, time sheets, payroll records, attendance records
  • Accounts records, Bank statements, Tax records, Annual returns
  • Enquiries, Proposals and quotations, marketing plans, pricing policies
  • Market investigations, Customer surveys, Strategic plans

We can basically shred any paper based product even if it is presented to us in an arch lever format, our machine is capable of dealing with this. We do however ask our customers to reduce the amount of non paper materials put in to shred in order that we can avoid cross contamination of the paper for recycling.

In addition we are able to shred a wide variety of other products, this tends to be when our lorry is empty of paper in order to prevent the cross contamination. These include; Interview audio tapes, floppy disks, computer back up tapes, CDs and DVDs, magnetic media, USB Memory sticks, uniforms, security passes, credit and loyalty cards.