Why use a shredding service?

In the UK the last estimate of identity fraud cost the economy around £1.2 billion over a one year period. This is not surprising considering that we have an estimated population of 67 million and already in circulation we have 79.8 million National Insurance numbers.

Identity fraud is the UK’s fastest growing crime!

The Mobile Shredding Company feel that there are four main reasons to shred your confidential data:

  • The prevention of crime
  • To follow the Data Protection Act
  • To defend against identity theft
  • To Protect against industrial espionage

As well as paper records companies often have other materials that should be destroyed once they become redundant, this may not always be obvious materials but things that ultimately could be used by criminals such as; security passes, badges, access cards, uniforms and any out of data stationary. By using onsite shredding your eliminate the opportunities for criminals.

To follow the Data Protection Act

The Act is concerned mainly with the rights of individuals about the collection, storage and processing of personal information. Organisations that hold any personal information about individuals as manual or computer records must observe eight guidelines about the data. The seventh guideline requires that the information is kept secure at all times, including at disposal. Onsite shredding is recognised as one of the best ways to protect this data and stop it getting into the wrong hands.

The Information Commissioner has significant powers under the Act and can impose fines for breaches. The legislation which is in place nowadays is very strict, so being fully compliant with regulations is important. It is within your best interests that your company adheres to these stringent rules, which is ensuring that all important client and company data is fully disposed of. Under legislation and data protection act 1998, employee, company and client information cannot be passed onto or handled by any third parties. As an example of fines, regulatory bodies such as the Financial Services Authority have imposed fines in excess of £1 million on members that have not met their obligations under the Act.

Any company that handles documents and other materials which must remain confidential, whether personal details or commercially sensitive information must ensure secure data destruction of the information you wish to protect, The Mobile Shredding Company will safely destroy and dispose of this, never leaving your site until it has been shredded and secured ready for recycling.

To defend against identity theft

Private individuals can take many steps to minimise the risk of falling victim of identity theft. One of the simplest is to ensure that documents containing any personal information about themselves are destroyed in such a way that no one can collect the fragments. Criminals only need a few pieces of information in order to start identity theft. Documents need to destroyed in an unrecognisable way, a simple home shredder fragmenting each document into a strip of paper will is not sufficient to stop criminals. They will treat this a jigsaw and piece together your information to be used to create a copy identity. As a minimum you should use a cross cut shredder.

The Mobile Shredding Company mobile shredding unit uses technology which destroys and your documentation into around 20 million pieces per tonne shredded. Therefore within our lorry your information can be mixed up with around 80 million pieces of shredded paper making it almost impossible to find two pieces which match. We then transfer this to an authorised recycling facility to be pulped and bailed and reused.

To Protect against industrial espionage

Every company has information and data that would be of value to its rivals or could damage its customers and stakeholders. Pricing information, new product launches, marketing, investment and closure plans are some examples where small leaks of information can damage a company and its reputation within its respective industry. This information can also be used by competitors to strengthen their position against a company.

For professional service companies who provide accountancy, legal and financial advice there are strict rules governing client confidentiality that are monitored by the respective professional bodies. The use of an onsite secure shedding contractor providing a regular contract service is recommended as best practice by these professional bodies. Many companies in many industries are certified to ISO 9001 for their quality management systems. The most recent update ISO 9001 (2008) requires that a contract for secure destruction of information should be in place to ensure the protection of commercial and personal data.